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Mad Science of Long Island has been increasing scientific literacy within the Long Island School Districts for almost 10 years!  Our programs are fun, exciting, hands-on as well as educational and are sure to spark the imagination of your students. Whether you are looking for an interactive and engaging show for a larger audience, a smaller, more hands on workshop, or an after school program, Mad Science has something to meet all of your needs!

Program Description

Magnetic Magic
Investigate the power and daily uses of magnets. Learn about polarity, visualize magnetic fields, and learn how to magnetize ordinary metals. Find out how a compass works, and test a powerful electromagnet. Bring home the cool “Mad Science Magnet Lab”.

Lights…Color… Action!
See all the colors in white light by using Newton’s color theory concepts with a color wheel and spectrum splitting prisms. Use spectroscopes, ultraviolet light and witness the wonders of chromatography! Build your own “Mad Science Technicolor Blender”.

Mission: Nutrition
Learn about nutrition and fitness while focusing on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Stimulate enthusiasm for personal health and cultivate a healthy attitude toward nutrition and fitness. Take home a “Mad Science Step-o-Meter”, a real pedometer!

Optical Illusions
Build your own “Mad Science Periscope” while learning about optics, reflection and sight. Trick your brain through your eyes, and learn the physics behind optical illusions! Seeing is not always believing…as this fast paced and very entertaining workshop demonstrates.

Sonic Sounds
Discover sound, sound waves, and use ordinary objects to create a sound symphony! Use our multi-effects processor to alter your voice, resulting in lots of cool special effects. Electronic distortions link shifting frequencies to voice alterations, and bring home your very own “Mad Science Sonic Horn”.

Tantalizing Taste
Learn how taste and smell are interrelated. Find out who are supertasters! Be treated to a demonstration of how your favorite sodas are carbonated. Bring home the “Mad Science Taste Test Kit” – a kit that challenges the
sense of smell to explore scents!

Discover the world of static electricity! Learn about the phenomenon of lightning, how it works, and how to avoid meeting with it up close! Experiment with static electric charges, indoor lightning, and observe how
the Van de Graff generator allows for a hair-raising experience. Make your own “Mad Science Static Stick”.

Harnessing Heat
Learn how both heat and temperature are affected by molecular movement. Use thermometers and watch demonstrations with thawing blocks and a heat gun. Heat-induced experiments show the relativity of temperature. Explore materials that transfer heat at different rates and take home a “Mad Science Heat Sheet”

 After School Enrichment Program

Mad Science has created a vast library of unique after school programs. Our spectacular demonstrations, hands-on activities, and real world discussions make learning about science fun for kids!

Our interactive, one-hour after school science programs are themed around particular areas of science and include such topics as rocketry, magnets, polymers, and even the science of toys.

In each class, children are encouraged to give science a try and build their very own model rockets, periscopes, Mad Science putty, and more. Children even get to take home their science experiment to show Mom and Dad!

Children will be amazed when they:

  • Create an indoor storm with thunder and lightning
  • Bend light to see all rainbow colors
  • Alter their voices and learn that sound travels in invisible waves
  • Make magic mud, soda pop, and learn how matter can change physically and chemically!
  • And much more!

Mad Science after school programs…

  • Are hands-on and focus on science and engineering practice
  • Are aligned to STEM objectives
  • Meet national, state, and provincial extracurricular activities standards
  • Are led by trained, qualified, and dynamic instructors
  • Follow professional lesson plans
  • Use unique equipment and original materials
  • Are loved by children, and are ideal for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6
  • Are easy to plan and hassle-free to run