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Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary:

Unlimited Sports Action has installed a brand new turf field!

The new turf field is produced by AstroTurf®, called PureGrass®. PureGrass® is every coach dream of a player with an exceptional all-around game. That’s the best way to think of AstroTurf® PureGrass®. A premium, multi-purpose, extra plush turf with a high fiber density and a thick Root Zone® that performs like a pro – outdoors and indoors. No Fill Required (NFR) technology eliminates the need of rubber pellets/beads altogether.

PureGrass® is a super premium high performance surface that simulates real grass in every imaginable way. It’s engineered for consistent performance and durability, as well as improved traction, impact absorption and ball movement. It’s an all-nylon, tufted monofilament turf that is ideal for portable and permanent, indoor and outdoor fields.

new turf