Vacation Drop-Off Program – Turf Time

Turf-Time [Ages 3 - 10]

Turf time is offered to our athletes when school is not in session. During any national holidays (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, etc), vacations, or parent/teacher conferences, we offer our half and full day drop-off program. 

The turf-time is a multi-sport class where we break the field down into sections and group children by age. Athletes can choose from playing baseball, dodge ball, soccer, basketball, obstacle course, and more!

Turf Tots Ages 3-6

Description: Turf Tots will consist of fun team games and activities aimed at our younger athletes. Game such as red light green light, parachute games, mini soccer, mini basketball and more! Various sports games will be played throughout the class and players will be split up into even teams.

Kings of the Turf  7-10

Description: Designed to keep our older athletes having fun on their day off from school. Games played will vary each day and can consist of basketball, baseball, dodgeball, flag football, kickball, soccer and more! Players are split-up into even teams and will play various sports games throughout the session.

Athletes are broken down by age group and will play age appropriate games and activities.

  • Ages 3-4
  • Ages 5-6
  • Ages 7-10


Half Day – 9:30am – 12:00pm – $35

Extended Half Day (includes lunch) – 9:30am – 1:30pm – $45

Full Day (includes lunch) – 9:30am – 3:00pm – $60

2014-2015 Turf Time Dates

November 4 – Supt’s Conference Day
November 7 – Elementary School Turf Time – Half Day Only
November 11 – Veterans Day
November 14 – Elementary School Turf Time – Half Day Only
November 26,28 – Thanksgiving Break
December 22 – January 2 (No Turf Time Dec. 25,27,28 & Jan. 1) – Holiday Recess
January 19 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 16 – 20 – Winter Recess
April 2-10 (No Turf Time April 4&5) – Spring Recess
May 22 – Sup’ts Conference Day
May 25 – Memorial Day