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This class is for the committed Rec and/or Travel player who is looking for extra training. The emphasis of the class is on moves, passing and shooting. The players can show their learning experience during the small sided games, which they will be playing in the class. This class is for players Ages 7-8.

What is taught in this Class

All the Skills, dribbling and moves, taught in DTS Juniors 1 will be put into practice. There will be a lot more 1v1 and 2v1 game situations. The coach will put emphasis on the decisions the players need to make and will challenge them to make better decisions as the session goes on.

Who should do this Class

Every player who participated in the DTS Juniors 1 should move on,when age appropriate, to DTS Juniors 2. Besides those players all committed Rec/Travel players will definitely benefit from an additional class like this one. The age group of this class is 7 – 8 years old.

Please have all players wear shin-guards and sneakers or cleats.