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Is your child interested in club soccer but not sure how and where to start? The Dutch Total Soccer (DTS) coaches will teach your child the necessary skills that will help them to improve as a Soccer player. Players will develop the skills needed in a competitive game. This class will focus on dribbling, moves and will play small sides games and much more. This class is for children Ages 5-6.

What is taught in this Class

During the 45 minute class the curriculum will take the players through the technical aspects of Soccer; Straight dribbling, zig-zag dribbling, speed dribbling as well as all different moves like back moves, side moves and passing moves. All these topics will be enforced to the players to let them be in charge of the ball and to let the player decide what to do with the ball. Instead of the player chasing the ball after hitting it. This class really focuses on How to do it; how to dribble, how to use a Cruyff Turn, etc.  Studies have shown that children ages 5 and 6 will learn faster and will improve on their skills when playing in game situations.

Who should do this Class

When your child is introduced to the game of Soccer because of an earlier class or Recreation Soccer and he or she is not challenged enough at the moment. This class will be a great next step, it will increase the confidence of the child. All skills developed during the class will be taken to their Recreation games or scrimmage in their Township. This class will put your children a step ahead of the competition. All players between the ages of 5 and 6 are welcome in this class.

Please have all players wear shin-guards and sneakers or cleats.