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Stepping into Soccer is the perfect class to make your first steps on a Soccer Field. This class is set up without any parents involved during the class. The curriculum utilizes the desire to encourage socialization and develop basic skills of how to play soccer.

What is taught in this Class

This program is designed to introduce young children ages 3 to 4 and their parents to the game of soccer. Make sure your child gets off on the right (or left) foot, by letting our Dutch professional staff teach them the game in a fun way. They will learn how to dribble, pass and how to score GOALS!!! Also team building and socialization will be key topics during the class.

Who should do this Class

When your child is 3 or 4 years old and is ready to step in to the World of Soccer this will be the best class. Studies show that children will increase their learning ability and concentration once they gain confidence by participating in a sport which they are good at. Developing Soccer Skills will eventually help and support the child in their school career.

Please have all players wear shin-guards and sneakers or cleats.