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What is taught in this Class

There are 2 levels in the Power Shooting classes. In each level the basic principle is the same, but the difficulty is different.

The DTS Power Shooting classes focus on the 7 basic steps of striking.  The mechanics of a powerful and accurate shot will be broken down during this class.

After the Power Shooting 1 class the player should be able to take a powerful shot and correct themselves when their shot is not powerful or accurate.

In the Power Shooting 2 class we will use the same 7 basic steps. The shot the players learned to make in the Power Shooting 1 class is the starting point for the Power Shooting 2 class. In this class we are focusing on how to make a
powerful and accurate shot when the ball is moving. How do you take your shot when the ball is rolling towards you? And what do you have to do when the ball is towards you from the side?

In addition, players will learn how to take the powerful and accurate shot they learned in the previous Power shooting classes under full pressure. We will bring the player into game situation they can face on the field. They will learn how to make the shot in these situations, under pressure of an opponent.