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Unlimited Sports Action presents a NEW Football Class coming this Fall! What do parents love about Flag Football? NO CONTACT! To eliminate any contact whatsoever we have created a new game called “4 Down Football”. There is absolutely no contact, no flag pulling, no blocking, just fun & football! Players have 4 chances to score a touchdown. Wherever the ball is caught on a given play, the play is over. Gameplay is 5 v 5 with no substitutes. Great way with these small groups to provide a safe, fun and active game! Players must where Football Gloves at all times. 

Each class will begin with instructional football stations such as route running, catching, throwing, etc. From there, we will move into a game of 5v5 for the remainder of the class. What a great way to get out of the house, on the field, and be safe!

Give us a call Today at (516) 767-7675 to form your Private 4-Down Football Class!